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Sunraysia Safari Rally Update: May 2017


From the Event Director:

We've been unbelievably busy in the past month or so, which is why you haven't heard much from me! I've just got back from the official Course Check, and I'm pleased to report that the Event Checker is very pleased with what we've managed to put together. He's signed off on the course, and the roadbooks will be ready to go to the printer shortly! It's a really significant milestone for the event, and we're now able to focus more on the other aspects of the rally.

I've been fielding lots of enquiries from competitors wishing to use "conventional" PRC type Rally Cars, wondering if the course will be suitable. The answer is a resounding Yes! There are obviously a few sandy sections, but provided you drive sensibly, you'll have no issues in getting through all of the stages. The Event Checker is of the opinion that the course is no rougher than what you'd experience in other endurance type rallies, provided you keep on the straight and narrow, and follow the navigation!

Unfortunately, not all of the news from the Course Check is totally good. We've lost two competitive sections on one property, due to an ongoing legal dispute (which has nothing to do with us in any way). It's not all bad news however, as the Event Checker was concerned that we had more competitive kms than daylight hours to run them in, so in reality they would have probably been omitted anyway! So now we have a total competitive distance of around 1230kms, which will definitely keep you busy in the 4 days you'll be covering them, and on top of all that, we've already got new two stages set that we can hopefully use in 2018!

We're working flat out to bring everything together for August 16, and the event is shaping up to be even better than we'd originally hoped. One thing that we'd really appreciate from all of you at this point is to commit to being involved! Entries are gradually flowing in, and we sincerely thank all of those competitors for their support, but it would be really helpful for our planning if the many more of you who have said you're entering actually send in the form and do so! The main reason is that we need to confirm orders with our suppliers well in advance of when entries will be closing, for everything from Merchandise, trophies, catering, right through to the printing of route instructions. The scrolls for the bike\quad competitors have to be printed in WA (it's the only place in Australia that does them!), and the lead time means we need numbers confirmed ASAP. Help us to provide you with the best event we can by committing your support now, competitors and officials alike!

The same sentiment applies to accommodation, and the catering packages. The Golden River Holiday Park is a fantastic location to stay, and being the Event HQ, is the most convenient place to be! I've held off making reservations for the key event officials there to give competitors first opportunity to book a place, but there hasn't been a rush of bookings yet, and time is ticking on. Please contact Brad on 03 5021 2299 and reserve your place immediately. You cannot arrive on the day and expect to camp; bookings must be made now. The same applies to the catering packages. We've partnered with a number of local groups who are using the catering for the event as a fundraiser. You won't be able to buy lunch at the service locations at all, they must be pre-purchased. This is so the groups know how many people to cater for. A Breakfast and Dinner package, which will be served at the Golden River Holiday Park, is also available, but must be pre-purchased for the same reasons. Please support the locals who are supporting our event, and let someone else worry about cooking your meals!

You'll start to see a lot more information coming out in the next few weeks, so make sure you keep an eye out for updates, both on the website, and the Rally Management Australia Facebook page. We're still looking for some key officials as well, so if you're interested in a few days away in the stunning Sunraysia region, please contact us immediately. In the meantime, get your vehicles prepared, and your entries in!



0428 541 809

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